3 Key Elements to Moss Growing

I spent long time to observe Moss growing indoor conditions, find there are 3 important elements to keep moss living and growing Healthy:

1. Moisture

Moss leaves generally only have one cell thick, it makes them easy to absorb the water and nutrients form rain or moisture environment. that the reason you always see moss in forest or damp shady locations, the water absorbed by moss leaves will not disappear promptly. that is key factor to keep Moss alive. in some dry condition, you may need some cover to keep the moisture.

Better to use Rain, Pure or distilled water 

2. Light 

As a plant, moss cannot survive without light, the proper illuminance for moss is around 1,000 LUX, this illuminance almost like the indoor close to windows, but no directly sunshine light. go to APP to download Light Meter application, will make your smart phone to illuminance meter. if you want to put into a inner room, and the light may not enough, about 3-5 W LED 6500K light also work properly. 

To check the Light condition, you may download a Smart Phone APP: Light Meter, please go IOS or Google Play to download it.

here is the link also for you to download the APP. (andriod) http://trajkovski.net/lmeter/lightMeter.apk

3. Nutrient

Without Nutrients, Moss cannot grow very healthy, it will become tiny and slim, in nature environment, rain will bring the important Nutrient to Moss, absorbed by moss single layer sell. so the best nutrient is rain. although I have developed suitable nutritive liquid, but due to liquid international transportation restrictions, I cannot support it to you now. if you want your moss grow fast and healthy, please try to use as much rain as possible.