Hymolonᵀᴹ Fabric base

300x300mm  (11.8"x11.8"), for Moss and Fern plant growing, Indoor Decor, Miniature Garden

Hymolonᵀᴹ Fabric base,  stand out from the water in plate with some pillars, absorb the water from the plate via thin Hymolonᵀᴹ Fabric strip, high evaporation keeps the moss in a humid environment.

Hymolonᵀᴹ Fabric is high-tech water absorb macro-molecule polymer fabric, it can absorb 6 times water of it's own weight. and its fabric structure will let fresh air go though,  it is special suitable for moss and other hygrophilous plants.

Because the Hymolonᵀᴹ Fabric base not touch the water directly, (it only absorb through a fabric strip), it will make the moisture air flow around the the moss and other plants around the Hymolonᵀᴹ Fabric create a small wet environment to moss. best way to make moss growing.  

Without moss, plants, you may find moss easily around your home, shovel them from earth, including little soil, you can also plant some small leaves plant, will even better looking. the moss you find around your place, will be easy survive.

How to create a Moss plate:

1. Drip the moss Hymolonᵀᴹ Fabric base to water first, absorb full of water.

2. Paved the moss on to the Hymolonᵀᴹ Fabric, using tweezers (will send you free) and scissors to trim the moss edges

3. Put Pure water to plate, put the moss Hymolonᵀᴹ Fabric on it, you may cut the plastic pillars to your desired height. please make sure the felt not touch the water surface. 

Delivery including 

1. Hymolonᵀᴹ Fabric Base size:

    L x W x H:  

    300 x 300  x 9 mm 

    11.8" x 11.8" x 0.35"

2. Fabric Strip for water absorb

@ Accept Customized shape of Hymolonᵀᴹ Fabric

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Hymolonᵀᴹ Moss Fabric base

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